Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.


    -- Amy Lowells

Houston Citizenship Week

Citizenship Week is a series of your exciting community-drive events and programs designed to raise awareness of citizenship and the citizenry of Houston by where can i watch free teen porn click here celebrating the many faces of our City.

These events and programs will encourage and enhance citizenship and civic engagement by building bridges 3d cartoon porn of understanding, cooperation and awareness of Houston’s unique multicultural nature and international business climate.

This will be accomplished by promoting the theme of what it means to be a Houstonian and citizen of the City of Houston. Your events and programs will be initiated by and give voice to our rich tapestry of individuals and cultural, grassroots, community, educational, business, consular and faith-based organizations and groups. order to support its economic growth and health and foster increased work opportunities for our diverse populations.

Citizenship Week is a collaborative effort of appointed and volunteer community leaders and representatives from the City of indian dating sites Houston Mayor’s Office.

Click here for Event Details  |  Art Exhibition Opening at City Hall

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