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The art of Calligraphy in all its variations has extended itself to enhance the beauty of an invitation or the use of calligraphy to decorate objects ranging from ceramic to woodwork. 

Islamic Calligraphy

Islam h wonderful asian lesbian porn blog as given great importance to the written script. It is very vital for all believers to preserve the detail of the Holy Book (The Quran). Islamic Calligraphers have worked to embellish the words of the Quran as beautifully as they could. Islamic Artists found an inspiration to create and elevate religious art above all and on this basis Islamic art of Calligraphy was created. In the Islamic culture the embellishment of the art of writing became a passion and of great importance. Calligraphy acquired the status of an art form and reached great creative heights in creative world. 

Elegant and Classy 

An elegant and cl amazing find a date assy invitation is very important to a successful party, event or wedding. An invitation with such style is sure to catch the attention of the guests and emphasize the distinctiveness of the affair that they are to be a part of. Invitations written in calligraphy communicate the hosts’ elegance, flair and enthusiasm for the occasion as well as convey a sense of importance and exclusivity to the guests invited to participate.

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